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Little Wattlebird, one of the Honeyeaters, conceals itself in the foliage of a Banksia tree.



Unfortunately the cloud cover came across not long after the solar eclipse started and this crescent moon apparition was the last captured image of the night.


I watched the solar eclipse from the headland the other night, quite spectacular as the moon rose over the ocean while transforming itself into a glowing ember. It was incredibly windy and I had to learn my little point and shoot on a memorial to ‘lost sailors’ as the six foot kangaroos wandered in the dark around me.


There are always a few Eastern Rosellas around, invariably they are in pairs that keep each other in close proximity. They are colourful and beautiful broad-tailed parrots and rosellas come in distinct varieties of plumage. They are a clear rival of Jacob’s coat of many colours.


These two crested pigeons were acting so sweetly on the grass out the front of my place. She was resting and he was covering her with ‘kisses’.


I’ve been off the bird watching radar lately with the demands of finishing an Arts Degree circumventing most attempts, but I spotted this darling Crested Pigeon walking on the driveway and have to admit they are a real favourite with their contemporary ‘punkish’ eye makeup and ‘gelled’ hair. The Bronzewings are a group of ground feeding pigeons that are common through out most of Australia and they are certainly prolific in my locale.



evening abulations

evening abulations


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