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Underwater gem.



On one of my usual beach walks this week I discovered an abundance of different coloured starfish clustered around the rock pools at mid-tide. Most were underwater so capturing them was further challenged by the incoming tidal movement but the colours and patterns can still be appreciated and admired.


Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo displaying its namesake in flight.

P1130115An unusual angle of a young male (pink eye ring) Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. These lovely large noisy birds like to hang together and this ones mates were close by feeding on the banksia flowers in bloom along the sand line.

brown cuckoo-dove 2

This capture shows the beautiful russet-brown feathers and part of the lovely long tale. These birds love the wild tobacco tree and seem to swallow the berries whole as in this past capture.P1130125


This beautiful russet-brown bird is quite large, growing up to 43cm. It is a type of pigeon that has a long tail and a loud call. Its habitat is the rainforest and forest on the edge of Australia’s east coast from the top end (Cape York) down south to the Victorian border. This one is attracted by the wild tobacco plant of which they seem particularly fond.

silver gull


The Silver Gulls are another common Australian bird easily distinguishable with their white head, silver wings and red beak and legs. The red beak and legs indicate its an adult as when younger it would have had a black bill and legs and mottled wings. They can grow up to 43 cm and live wherever there is water be it the ocean or a river or lake.


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