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Intrepid Trip Jan - Feb 2010 004I have been cruising through some of my old travel photos and the flower one caught my eye. It was taken on the grounds of one of the best places I have ever stayed, the Morning Mist Resort near Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. Don’t think western style resort with multi-story buildings and contrived landscaping, this was an immense flower garden with bungalows for guests dotted throughout the grounds. It was amazing to meander back to our digs through such a sensual overload and to wake up amoungst it.

There are drinks buried under there.

There are drinks buried under there.

The place had a great restaurant with incredible views of jagged mist covered mountains, delicious local cuisine and the most divine fruit cocktails, decorated appropriately with masses of flowers. The resort was walking distance from an entrance to Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.

One of the highlights.

Khao Sok is one of the oldest virgin rainforests in the world, even older than the Amazon, and the area is well worth a visit.  One of my favourite outings was visiting a monkey colony and being allowed to cuddle a baby monkey, it was even sucking its thumb like one of my daughters used to do. It is memories like these that keep my passion about travel alive. I hope Morning Mist is still there, the people were so lovely. I did this trip in 2010 and the garden must now be a midsummer dream.

P1160149Wattlebirds are amoung the largest honeyeaters, named for the little bit of skin around ears… not apparent on all types. This Red Wattlebird was spotted on a walk at Long Reef, in Sydney, an extinct volcano that is now a public reserve with headland walking tracks populated with banksia, she oaks and native grasses. There is a well known golf course on top which is quite a spectacular location to swing a few balls (makes a nice green photo background). The Red Wattlebird sits around mid-range at 31-39 cms. Early explorers in Australia documented they didn’t like the honeyeaters song, being so different to the more familiar sweeter sounding song birds of the Northern Hemisphere, but I adore their long melodious chuckles and interesting sounds.



eye spy


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His favourite tree

His favourite tree


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