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simplicity and space


This capture depicts my favourite things about camping, simplicity and space, and the general consensus that an hour on your back cloud-watching is a legitimate activity. This shot was taken at Dalmeny on the NSW south coast where summer is now in full swing.



Seagulls are very persistent and bold when it comes to sniffing out food. This young silver gull, as yet without the adult’s tell tale red legs, red beak and snowy white feathers, hovered around a friends campsite hoping for tidbits @ Dalmeny on the south coast of NSW towards the Victorian border.

fish nursery


As the tide turns the health of the ocean on the south coast of NSW … not far from the Victorian border … is evident in the abundant fish nursery skimming across the sand flat in the remaining inches of seawater.



camouflaged visitor



The Rainbow Lorikeets are common, social, loud parrots and this one is a regular visitor in my mother’s garden in Sydney, Australia.

laughing kookaburra 2


Kookaburras are large kingfishes with loud laughing calls and they feed mainly on reptiles. This young one is a resident in my mother’s garden in Sydney. It showed incredible patience and stillness while waiting for an unsuspecting lizard to slither into view, the only movement a sudden swivel of the head.



Juvenile Butcherbird soaking up the rays after the storm.


Juvenile Butcherbird drying off after the storm.


The male Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo is recognisable by the hot pink eye ring. The female is much more demure with a pale grey eye ring.


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