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As one of the SCU bloggers for the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival, NSW Australia I was fortunate to sit in on the session for Michael Kirby who before his retirement was Australia’s longest serving judge. Kirby served on the High Court and continues to be involved in international human rights issues as well as animal rights.

What most impacted me was his message of love, not a topic many high profile men outside of ‘religion’ speak about. Kirby exhorted us to remember that every child who is loved is a lucky child and that if we have someone who loves us we are rich.

He encouraged Australians to treat refugees with kindness and compassion and praised the growing number of students who are campaigning for changes to Animal Law, reminding us that animals are sentient beings.

If you’d like to read my BBWF follow this link: Michael Kirby @ BBWF

An audio of the session is also available on the BBWF website and can be accessed via the blog tab and search



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