is this love?

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Trixie-Pixie taking natures medicine at the beach

I have 1.5 dogs … that is one that is mine and one that officially belongs to   my housemate but who adopts me the moment I’m around. She used to be my dog so I guess that explains it, or maybe she just likes hanging out with another female or maybe she remembers it was me who taught her to trust humans again after rescuing her from a house of abuse … whatever the reason she likes to sneak up onto my bed at night and curl up close.

She is getting on in age and last night she was unwell so I kept waking up to check on her… animals get under my skin, they seem so trusting and reliant on the kindness of humans and I feel the weight of that responsibility keenly.

When she returned from the vet (pumped with drugs) my own dog and I were heading off to the beach for a walk and she so wanted to come I put on her coat and let her … after all when I’m not going so well one day I don’t wont someone to tell me I can’t go and enjoy the great outdoors just so they can keep me alive a few more days in some indoor cage.

That’s one of the dilemmas people face isn’t it … can interfering be love? … can dictating to someone else ever be love?

Well Trixie-Pixie had a quiet day after her little outing and is much better tonight though there is a bit of a journey ahead. She gave me a deep and meaningful look when we got home, she seemed to say thank you for letting me put my paws in the sand, thank you for letting me watch the gulls wheel and breath in the salty air, thank you for love.



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