the woodswallow

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white-breasted woodswallow

I captured this bird this morning on a tree about 50 yards away. The great thing about having a better camera is I can now study them at home and appreciate their beauty. I’ve decided he is an adult white-breasted woodswallow he is the right size (17 cm) and has the blue beak. They are common across most of Australia and like woodlands near water or mangroves. Even though I saw him near the beach there is a decent lake just over the hill with fresh water and Moonee Beach Nature Reserve is full of good nesting trees. For those who like scientific names his is Artamus leucorhynchus … I will nickname him Artie. 

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If you like birds you may like the others I have photographed in the last couple of days, check out birds where I live (the crane is lovely but best appreciated enlarged) a kite of the bird variety and fan-tailed cuckoo.


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