its a kanga baby

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female roo with joey in pouch

The kangaroos living at Look At Me Now Headland, part of Moonee Beach Nature Reserve, are used to humans and as long as you walk quietly and observe kangaroo protocol then you can walk quite close. Just as I went by this female kangaroo on my way to the beach out popped the long legs of her joey!

Its important to respect the kangaroos and warning signs explain what to  do to keep them on your good side … they can be very big ..over 6 feet of muscle .. and are very strong with long claws that can inflict serious injury. Never stand and stare for too long and never raise or extend your arms out, this is a sign to them of aggression. If you are attacked roll up tight and protect your head in your arms and hope its like a street punk.. a couple of punches to show they are mean and then they loose interest.

I’ve never ever had any trouble and have wandered through paddocks dotted with large reds. As in any relationship mutual respect and manners goes a long way. Enjoy!


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