life is in the small things

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I’ve always been an observer, one who notices the details and the minuscule things that happen around me so its natural that I pay attention to the little things I see on my nature walks. These shells cover the sand on the south side of a small beach aptly called Serenity, for some reason the tides must deposit shell fish at this spot and there is evidence of Aboriginal shell middens further out on the point, you can see a photo of these larger shells if you follow the link as well as some information about them in the comment section. Most of these shells are tiny, around 1 cm and as you can see there are many different shapes and patterns. I love the sepia picture but wanted to show how colourful they are so included both. There are many different types of shells represented here, different limpits, cowries (I think there are tiger and cylindrical cowry), black and white wavy turbans, nerites, top shells with their conical shapes, brown kelp shells with tall spires, mud creepers, brown moon snails, bonnets, tritons, small oval doves, whelks, conch and crushed coral and pippis and I’m pretty sure the little flat piece on the rock is a sea anemone. My book is not comprehensive enough to identify each but I think the types are pretty accurate … but this isn’t a nature lesson its a post about appreciating life and the things that we share our life with.





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