Sydney’s bush turkeys

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turkey on top of a nest.. think size of a large car!

I’m visiting family in Sydney this week and had been hearing about the prolific number of bush turkeys that are roaming around and nesting in Sydney gardens. I’m staying on the northern beaches in an area where the house blocks are particularly large.. in fact ‘block’ belies their size.. and the turkeys are becoming the bane of gardeners.

They are protected here for some reason… I assume because they are a native animal.. and are enjoying complete freedom to destroy gardens. A whole tribe of them have collected mulch, leaves and any plants they can uproot in the process into an enormous mound in the neighbours yard where they will eventually create tunnels to lay eggs.

I love them but I can appreciate the difficulties for the locals who are seeing their gardens ruined. They can fly of course so can escape dogs and irate gardeners with rakes and sleep perched high up in trees. Quite a sight to see a flock of turkeys in a tree.


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