the nuptials

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One of the most notable birds on the northern beaches in Sydney is the pied currawong that lives right down the east coast of Australia. There are lots around my mother’s place and their constant loud calls fill the air from dawn to dusk, it is a lovely melodious sound that the bird book describes as ‘caddow caddang’.

They are large birds between 41 and 51 cm and like to hang out together in flocks, sometimes up to 100 will co-habitate although they will pair off to breed in isolation. 

I found what was most likely a breeding pair in a quiet grove at Stony Range Botanic Garden, it was a lovely spot and a perfect place to build a nest which is usually a large flat cup of sticks lined with soft material that will hold three spotted and blotched brown eggs.

One currawong disappeared into the foliage but this one stayed in the tree and gave me a calm, stern stare as if to say ‘come on now, choof off, can’t you see you’ve lumbered into our boudoir?’

I couldn’t resist a quick snap before beating a hasty retreat and wishing their nuptials every success.


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