the wood duck

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These Australian Wood Ducks were congregated around a small lake in a lovely park in the NSW town of Grafton, an historic town which is known for the Jacaranda Festival that begins next week.

Grafton is a country town in the Northern Rivers of NSW that has kept its wide tree-lined streets, most of which are planted with lilac jacarandas, the occasional red flame tree or a tree with bright yellow flowers (sorry I don’t know its name). Taken all together you can be forgiven for thinking you have wandered into one of Matisse’s paintings as the petals cover the ground and fill the skyline.

The duck on the left with the dark brown head is the male and the other two are females, they make a goose-like sound and love still lakes or quiet estuaries. They nest in the holes of trees that they have lined with down and can lay up to 10 white eggs. This artificial lake is surrounded by flowering jacarandas that are reflected in the water. Living alongside the wood ducks were Pacific Black Ducks that are also common across Australia and some facts and photos can be found at my previous post a little black duck.

Acknowledgement: The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds 2nd ed.


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