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I’ve been thinking about gratitude today. It’s my birthday and though I am usually non-plussed about birthdays this time I am strangely excited. I’m 55 you see and that just seems like such a great number! It seems so perfectly in balance, like my personal ying/yang has finally found itself in perfect harmony. Together they reduce to a 1 which holds the promise of a new beginning filled with endless opportunities, grand dreams and hopes. My older sister told me that 55 in the I Ching means ‘the sun at its zenith” (and pushing aside the fleeting thought ‘after this it is all downhill’) I realise that is exactly how I feel. This day heralds a wonderful year ahead. I can relax and trust in life’s Goodness.

After spending time with family I went for a solitary walk on a rocky headland. The local council have recently constructed a curving paved path so mothers with prams and people confined to wheelchairs can enjoy the experience too. And what a panorama it is … long, white, near empty beaches stretch in either direction, fringed with pandanas, banksia and she-oaks. Grassy headlands disappear into the distance north and south, each with a tumble of rocks covered in white spray where landmass meets the Pacific Ocean. I was just emerging from the timber boardwalk through the tree line when this strange excitement on turning 55 exploded again. In the next instance, framed by the bushes up ahead, a square-tailed kite swept past not ten feet from the ground and my heart leapt. In a few strides I was out onto the wind-swept headland again, the waves pounding on my right at the bottom of a sheer drop. And there, riding on the updraft not three feet from me was the Kite, wings spread, hovering at eye level (and I didn’t have my camera!!!).

black cockatoos in flight

What a moment! What a lark! (thanks Mrs Dalloway!). Multi-patterned in reddish browns, whites and tans it was incredible. It flew straight over my head displaying the glory of its underbelly and hovered over the grass to my left with its eye on some small prey. So intensely was it focused it completely ignored my shitz-tu and I (who was too busy sniffing the ground to look up). I felt elated as if the universe was confirming what my spirit was feeling, I am entering a new phase, I can rest on the updraft, enjoy the view and trust in the power of One.

So Happy Birthday to me and in the spirit of the Mad Hatters Tea Party, a very, very Happy Unbirthday to you!!



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