spangled drongo

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I haven’t seen a Spangled Drongo for months, in fact it was last August on the other side of the headland and as I happened to have my camera that time too I posted it here.  This one was down near the lagoon and was doing what Drongos like to do, sitting on a prominent perch flicking their tail open and shut. They are large black birds, about 30 cm and easily recognised by the elongated tail feathers that curl outwards giving it a fish-tail. If you’re close enough and/or the light is right you can see the iridescent blue spangles on the breast that give them their name.


One thought on “spangled drongo

    The Jagged Man said:
    April 29, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    The tail feathers fan out instead of fold in like other bird. Cool. Reminds me of a raven somewhat…hopefully they do not sound like one 🙂

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