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the real kanga and baby roo

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p1140334Kanga and her baby Roo, from the infamous Winnie-the-Pooh books by A.A. Milne, lived with Pooh in the Hundred Acre Woods. kangaThe appearance of a home-grown native animal in an English story book, while being raised on the English Canon, served to reinforce my love for these Australian animals (as a city-bred child I rarely encountered  them myself outside of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo). Kanga’s character in the book reflects the characters of the wallabies/kangaroos that now surround my house at all hours of the day/night. Like Kanga they are pretty, observant, loyal and unequivocally devoted parents. Also like Kanga their one Dislike is … Any Threat to Roo! 

see these nails darling?

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This wallaby certainly displayed some attitude when I ventured up the path into ‘its’ domain. She seems to be saying, ‘see these nails darling, see these nails’. 😀

here’s looking at you…

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Greetings my fellow WordPressers … it is heartening to see that while my short spell away leaves me grappling with WordPress changes, many of my favourite bloggers are still going strong, sharing their captures and thoughts so willingly and beautifully. Thank-you!


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Compared with the preceding photo of a young kangaroo you can see how distinctly different the two species are. The young kangaroo may grown six feet tall (if its a male) but the wallaby is only half that and has a much more solid body as well as dark brown front feet and nose. This one is enjoying young grass stalks for dinner. The background with grasses,  young banksia tree in the front and she-oak in the back is indicative of the local flora of this coastal reserve.

red wallaby with joey

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There are a lot less red wallabies around than the eastern grey kangaroos and it was a real treat to spot one with her sweet little joey in her pouch.