Scottish Blackface

the fashionista

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P1180972.jpgYes, I admit it, I’m a fan of sheep. They are so sweet and docile and when you get to know them they have such interesting personalities. This Scottish Blackface, a resident of the Isle of Skye, seems to be displaying quite a sense of humour and could be saying, ‘hey just because I’m rural, doesn’t mean I’m not a fashionista’. You have to admit that those spotty legs, mix-matched ‘earrings’ and the ‘head gear’ are pretty darn cute.


bo peep’s sheep

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p1180919On the Isle of Skye visitors soon learn that the Scottish Blackface considers the narrow roads their own. This mountain sheep is particularly well suited to Skye as it is tough, adaptable ,and bestowed with a long coarse wool coat that protects it from the biting winds that roar over the exposed landscape.