australian logrunner

Australian logrunner

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On a short break to the far north coast of New South Wales I dropped into the Crystal Castle, one of my all time fav places that is filled with amazing crystals and beautiful gardens). While walking through the rainforest – a community planted regeneration project – I spotted this very busy and extremely shy Australian Logrunner who was in company with a possible mate.

This female (identified by the rufous throat as opposed to the white throated male), was busy doing what Logrunners do best, scratching in forest floor litter for food and tossing leaves sideways with gay abandon. Apparently these busy little birds (17-20 cms) build large domes of sticks, ferns and moss on or near the ground where they lay 2 white eggs.

They only live in a small patch of Australia in the rainforests from Blackall Range QLD (north of Brisbane) to Illawarra NSW  (south of Sydney) and often times are rarely sighted, which made this capture especially rewarding as in every other frame it was absent due to her quick exit off stage.