satin bowerbird

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This adult male Satin Bowerbird  is a handsome blue-black with a violet eye and greenish-yellow bill. Clearly taken by blue he has amassed an assortment of blue objects to decorate his bower in the hope of attracting a female. The older males try to keep the females to themselves by smashing the nests of the younger males with their still green feathers and stealing their blue ornaments for themselves. I wonder if that’s where the expression ‘still green’ comes from, a reference to the as yet uninitiated or experienced bowerbird.


satin bowerbird

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The Satin Bowerbird is a glossy blue-black bowerbird with violet eye and semi-covered greenish-yellow bill. This male has created a lovely bower of twigs like an avenue of trees and surrounded it with blue finds like the blue peg in its bill and the occasional blue or yellow flower. He was in a lovely quiet part of Coffs Harbour’s Botanical Gardens and I spied another busy male closer to the entrance but no females as yet seem to be paying any attention. It’s the last month of winter and the weather is warming up and already this week I have spied a number of busy birds collecting twigs for nests.