pied butcherbird

demanding young

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adult pied butcherbird

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By adulthood the Pied Butcherbird has changed its brown feathers for black. The young often stay for some time with the adults, even helping build the next needed nest before embarking on their own journey. This adult was in the company of the juvenile in the previous post.

juvenile pied butcherbird

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This young Pied Butcherbird was sunning its wings while perched atop a dead tree and taking in the view across the grass to the sea. The Butcherbird gets its name from the habit of wedging or impaling large insects, lizards and mice … and even small birds … onto broken branches and tearing them to pieces. No doubt the hook on the beak plays a major part! When an adult the brown will be replaced by black and fully grown it will be between 32-35cm.