galah (eastern form)

female galah

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Galahs are part of the Cockatoo family. The red eyes mean it is a female as the males have brown eyes. They can be found all over Australia and like to hang out in large flocks though it is common for me to see them in pairs.. perhapes they are on a date and having some ‘alone’ time ūüėÄ


unusual beach birds

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While beach walking a saw this pair of Galahs feeding along the edge of the sand dunes, the female has red eyes and the male has brown eyes. Normally favouring large flocks, this pair seem to like their own company as I often see them together feeding on the weeds along the edge of the nature reserve near my house. The Galah is really a small cockatoo, a ground feeding bird around 36 cm they are a common and widespread sight throughout Australia.

a pair of galahs

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The Galahs are small pink and grey cockatoos that roam in large flocks across Australia. They are around 36cm and though they like to hang out in trees they feed from the ground.

lunchtime at the park

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These Eastern Galahs¬†are part of the¬†Cockatoo¬†family and have the distinctive powerful bill. The northern and eastern galahs have the reddish eye-ring while their western cousins have either a grey or white eye-ring. This lot belong to a very large and noisy flock who come by regularly to forage for food … most of their food is taken from the ground and they are particularly partial to weed seeds and flowers.

sunset sunbake

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This pair of galahs caught the last rays of the day in the top of a banksia. From their perch they could see the sun set over the mountains on one side, the whitecaps on the ocean on the other and the rest of the flock feeding on the grass below.