little corella

little corella

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A small flock of these birds were perched towards the top of a very tall gumtree on the banks of the Richmond River in Woodburn, a small town in northern New South Wales. They were too high up to see clearly with the naked eye and I mistakenly thought they were Sulphur-crested Cockatoos as the only distinguishing features were the all white feathers. It was only when I uploaded the photos did I realise they were Little Corellasa bird I have never been fortunate enough to photograph before. Like the Sulpher-crested Cockatoo the Little Corella is a large white cockatoo but the Corella is a good 10 cm shorter than the Sulphur, averaging 38 cm. P1170022

It has a short white crest, short bill and little or no pink showing on the throat. It also has a loud screech that can be ear-splitting when a flock gathers. They usually nest in the hollow of eucalyptus or baobab trees where they lay 2-3 white eggs. Corellas can be found across two-thirds of Australia with a couple of local varieties spouting longer bills or pinker markings.