black-faced cuckoo shriek

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There are a number of outstanding cuckoos in Australia with similar smudged eyes like this impressive 65 cm Channel-billed Cuckoo I captured at my mother’s place in Sydney last year. If you’re interested in certain varieties you can browse the drop down list under Birds in the Menu. P1090539


black-faced cuckoo-shrike

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Cuckoo-shrikes have soft-feathers, and most Australian species are basically grey with black eyes. This is the common Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike that can be found right across Australia, including Tasmania. It is around 33 cm and has a very pleasant voice.

black-faced cuckoo-shriek

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Cuckoo-shrieks feed on insects and small soft fruit, like this wild tobacco plant that grows on the edge of the Moonee Beach Nature Reserve. This is the first sighting I have had of this Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike since moving here a year ago yet it is supposed to range all over Australia and be one of our most common birds, perhapes it favours the warmer north during our winter. It is around 33 cm and makes a pleasant sound. I can see the similarity with the much larger cuckoos such as this Channel-billed Cuckoo from an earlier post. Something about the regal bearing, thick neck and intense stare.