fan-tailed cuckoo

fan-tailed cuckoo

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This bird’s song captured my attention and I took this picture from quite a distance before  he flew off. 

According to my bird book he must be a fan-tailed cuckoo as they live right down the east side of Australia even though his top feathers were darker than the pale grey hues of the fan-tailed cuckoo. In some ways he better resembled the deeper colours of the chestnut-breasted cuckoos that live at the tip of Australia’s Cape York, they do come south but this is an extra-ordinary long way south !

He was singing with happiness from his low perch in a shrubby banksia that grows on the north side of Look At Me Now Headland which is part of Moonee Beach Nature Reserve. Panoramic views of sandy beaches and rocky outcrops were spread out before him and a perfect nor’easter blew on a bright sunny day… no wonder he was happy!

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