red-browed finch

red-browed finch

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The Red-browed Finch is an olive-backed Firetail with a red eyebrown, grey underparts and golden patch on the side of the neck. P1170388They are small at 11-12 cms and tend to hang out in small flocks. They like to play hide and seek in dense foliage which makes them tricky to capture.

red-browed finch

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This Red-browed Finch belongs to the Firetails and they are even smaller than the fairy-wren coming in at 11-12 cm. They live along a narrow coastal strip down the east side of Australia and congregate in small flocks feeding on seeding grasses. They are olive-backed with distinct red eyebrow, grey underparts and a golden patch on the side of the neck. Finches move so quickly it is impossible to see patterns and colours with the naked eye and in capturing this one I ended up with a lot of photos of grass and twigs with the occasional blur of fleeing wings!

Acknowledgement: The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds, 2nd ed.