Kensington heron

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P1180468.jpgGrey Herons are global citizens, while they live in Australia I spotted this one, standing motionless as they are want to do, in Kensington Gardens, one of eight Royal Parks in the city of London, UK.


white-faced heron

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one crazy looking bird

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striated heron

The Striated Heron is known by a number of names including Mangrove, Little or Green-backed Heron. They stand still at the water’s edge and wait to ambush prey, eating mainly small fish, frogs and aquatic insects. They are quite smart fishermen, using feathers or leaves as bait, dropping them on the surface of the water and picking off fish that come to investigate. They are kind of crazy looking with their low crouch, wild eyes and feather head-dress. While I have seen them where I live on the New South Wales north coast, this one was at the mariner on Magnetic Island which lies off Townsville in Queensland’s north.


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The common White-faced Heron is unlikely to be mistaken for any other bird with their prominent white face and yellow legs easily distinguishable from a distance. They live in all parts of Australia but prefer wetlands. This one was very interested in whatever was happening in this pile of grass on Look At Me Now Headland that juts into the Pacific Ocean on the NSW North Coast. The mass of yellow flowers is one of the many low lying plants that carpet the headland.

cricket anyone?

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Herons are long-necked, long-legged waterbirds much like egrets but with colourful plumage. These White-faced Herons are about 65-70 cm and are found throughout Australia. They are easily distinguished by their white faces and bright yellow legs. I found a pair wandering around Look At Me Now Headland feeding on crickets while taking an early morning walk.