noisy friarbird

noisy friarbird

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Noisy Friarbirds are large honeyeaters with dark naked skin on the head, they live on the eastern side of Australia coast to a fair way inland and love paperbarks and eucalypts as well as any fruiting trees. They have a loud cackling but pleasant voice and the noisy friars have an upright knob on the bill that in this photo is hidden by the branch but you can in this previous post.

Acknowledgement: The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds 2nd ed.


an impressive silhouette

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This impressive silhouette belongs to a Noisy Friarbird, one of the friarbirds that are large honeyeaters. This type is around 25-29cm and its entire head is naked black skin except for tufts of feathers on the eyebrow and chin and an upright knob on the bill. Friarbirds are noisy, aggressive and active, often chasing other birds from flowering trees, their nests are deep cups often suspended in outer branches and they lay 2-4 blotchy pink eggs.