noisy miners

miner chicks

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P1180403.jpgNoisy Miners are fast becoming pests in Australia, but nevertheless they are living beings and like all parents their young are their priority. This nest, located in a small tree beside the house, enabled a clear view of the occupants and the comings and goings of the devoted parents who worked tirelessly to feed those ever demanding fledglings. I wonder which one got the worm!


3 miners in a tree

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These Noisy Miners are part of the honeyeater family and were living up to their name as they squabbled over the flowers of this tree.. it looks like a type of rubber or umbrella tree and the long pink stems of flowers were attracting the miners and the rainbow lorikeets.

Captured at Mullaway, north coast of NSW.

noisy miner

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This Noisy Miner was enjoying the sun while preening itself. A small group of miner’s are related to the Honeyeaters and these particular miners are around 25-28 cm and amoung the commonest birds of eucalypt woodland in flocks up to 30 in eastern Australia from Townsville QLD to Adelaide SA.

They are grey-brown sociable birds and chatter away (hence the name noisy) but also have a lovely pre-dawn song. Though small they can lay as many as 5 eggs in nests made of sparse grasses lined with fur and hair placed in the forks of trees.

Captured at Mullaway, NSW north coast. Acknowledgement: The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds 2nd edition.