straw-necked ibis

iridescent feathers

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straw-necked ibis

In the right light the Straw-necked Ibis has a shimmering ‘coat’ of iridescent feathers. They are graceful and slow moving large water birds that can be found throughout Australia and New Guinea. This one was spotted on a holiday earlier this year on Magnetic Island, an island off the Queensland coast at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef.


straw-necked ibis

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Straw-necked Ibis are pied ibis with long yellow plumes on their necks and black plumage on wings that are glossed with blue, purple and green iridescence. They nest in bushes or trees over water and this pair were testing out their vertigo skills in a tree in a paddock (but close to a river). They are pretty common throughout Australia and are great travellers.