laughing kookaburra

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The feathers of a young Laughing Kookaburra are intricately ornate.


laughing kookaburra

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Kookaburras are large kingfishes with loud laughing calls and they feed mainly on reptiles. This young one is a resident in my mother’s garden in Sydney. It showed incredible patience and stillness while waiting for an unsuspecting lizard to slither into view, the only movement a sudden swivel of the head.

laughing kookaburra

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This adult Laughing Kookaburra frequents the fence in my mother’s garden, an excellent vantage point with which to spy wriggly ground worms or other interesting edible treats. The adult status is shown in the pale pinkish lower beak which is dark when a juvenile. They make a fantastic loud chuckling laugh, often in chorus with other Laughing Kookaburras which can be astoundingly loud.

laughing kookaburra

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The local Kookaburras are very fond of this perch which is some distance from my home but conveniently at much the same height as my verandah, giving me a good look out to capture them. We are meant to have both the Laughing Kookaburra in this region and the Blue-winged Kookaburra and this one certainly has the mainly brown colouring of the Laughing variety.

They should be easy to distinguish as they have quite distinct heads, the Laughing has the dark eye patch and dark eye and the Blue a streaked head and white eye, and while the Laughing has a little blue on the shoulders and wings the Blues in my bird book have bright blue on rumps, tails and wings. My problem is that many of the local kookaburras seem to have the head of the Laughing but the body blue of the Blues .. ! You can see what I mean in this recent post!