cheeky visitors

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P1190347.jpgRainbow lorikeets are common birds here in Australia, and they can become very bold, like a¬†pair who came right to the glass door of the place I was housesitting and peered in at me, chattering non-stop, until I relented and gave them some food… a practice I don’t normally do for wild birds, but one they were used to by the home owner and clearly expected. It did give a lovely opportunity though to snap some close photos.

pair of rosellas

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Eastern Rosellas are one of the prettiest small parrots where I live and this pair was one of three that were feeding on the eucalyptus gum outside my friends home on the far north coast of NSW Australia.

eastern rosella

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This cheeky Eastern Rosella was performing for the camera, giving a lovely view of its colourful under feathers.