rainbow lorikeet

rainbow lorikeet

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cheeky visitors

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P1190347.jpgRainbow lorikeets are common birds here in Australia, and they can become very bold, like a pair who came right to the glass door of the place I was housesitting and peered in at me, chattering non-stop, until I relented and gave them some food… a practice I don’t normally do for wild birds, but one they were used to by the home owner and clearly expected. It did give a lovely opportunity though to snap some close photos.

island parrots

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rainbow lorikeetsMagnetic Island mid-way off the Queensland coast teems with parrots, including these Rainbow Lorikeets.

camouflaged visitor

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The Rainbow Lorikeets are common, social, loud parrots and this one is a regular visitor in my mother’s garden in Sydney, Australia.

rainbow lorikeet on the Coffs Coast

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These birds are prolific and loud, mostly hanging out in large flocks they can be very vocal about who gets to feed on which flower. This one had opted for a solo meal and was happily feeding on a grove of flowering banksia by itself in the Moonee Beach Nature Reserve on the Coffs Coast, NSW Australia. If you like the coast environment of beach and ocean on one side and nature and mountains on the other, this stretch of coastal reserve, tucked between the city of Coffs Harbour and the village of Emerald Beach on the north coast of NSW, is a great place to walk, wander, swim and surf and has great accommodation options to suit all budgets.