Australian pelican

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P1190714There is only one type of pelican in Australia, they are magnificent flyers and pretty smart. These pelicans had worked out that this weir, on the Darling River in mid west New South Wales, at a little town called Wilcannia, made spotting fish easy as they cascaded down the rocks.


pelican perspective

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P1160185A pelican hovers in the updraft at Long Reef Headland, Collaroy, on Sydney’s northern beaches.


the pelican squat

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One of the endearing things about Pelicans is the way they can change their appearance from tall necked stately birds to squat blobs that accentuate the comical turned in feet.


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I absolutely love the pelicans, they are an iconic symbol of my childhood that was spent around lakes, inlets and beaches. They have an enormous bill and pouch and feed by dipping their head under water to trap the fish in the pouch. Pelicans hang out together and breed in colonies on the ground on islets in inland lakes and on offshore islands. I fondly remember my father teaching me the pelican ditty when I was small.. ‘no-one can like a Pel-i-can, his bill holds more than his bel-ly-can!’.