crested pigeon

sweet lovers

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These two crested pigeons were acting so sweetly on the grass out the front of my place. She was resting and he was covering her with ‘kisses’.


crested bronzewing

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I’ve been off the bird watching radar lately with the demands of finishing an Arts Degree circumventing most attempts, but I spotted this darling Crested Pigeon walking on the driveway and have to admit they are a real favourite with their contemporary ‘punkish’ eye makeup and ‘gelled’ hair. The Bronzewings are a group of ground feeding pigeons that are common through out most of Australia and they are certainly prolific in my locale.

crested pigeon

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This Crested Pigeon is part of the Bronzewings, a group of ground-feeding pigeons with iridescent patches in wing feathers. I captured it taking a stroll on a grass verge at Mullaway Beach, a small sea-side village on the NSW north coast. The Crested Pigeon is the largest Bronzewing and ranges between 31-35cm and is easily identified by the fine, upright crest. It is common across 97% of the Australian mainland including the hot interior. Its voice is a surprised ‘wook’ and it flies with rapid flaps and long glides.

Acknowledgement: The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds 2nd edition.