masked lapwing

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P1160104The Masked Lapwing is a large plover with yellow facial wattles that make it look like it is dressed for a Mardi-Gras parade. I am particularly fond of these birds as they seem to just potter about, happy to peck at the ground and mind their own business. They wander in grassy spaces, whether suburbia or the parklands and seem to emit a radiant calm.


eastern masked lapwing

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Eastern Masked Lapwings are long legged wading birds that are part of the Plover family. They are common residents of Australia from open spaces to wetlands and can be quite nomadic. They nest in scrapes on the ground that they line with twigs, stones and animal droppings and usually lay four blotched olive eggs. They tend to keep their distance so can be tricky to capture and this is the first I have done so at all, though its not particularly clear it does show the lovely black and white plumage (more black than their western counterpart) and the distinct yellow facial wattle.