superb fairy wren

male superb fairy wren

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male superb fairy-wren

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These tiny birds are 14 cms tip to tail and this male darted around like lighting while I tried to blend into the ground. They are incredibly fast and difficult to capture and to date this has been my best capture.

male superb fairy-wren

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The male Superb Fairy-wrens (what a great name!) are handsome little birds with their jet black coats and bright blue collars, unlike their female counterparts who have  soft brown feathers that you can see here. Captured at this angle he looks like he is wearing Darth Vada’s helmet giving him quite a ferocious ‘don’t mess with me’ look. You can see how tiny he is in comparison against the banksia pod and if your not familiar with the banksia he is a mere 14 cm top to tail. They like to hang out in patchy undergrowth for cover and feed in nearby open spaces and have a full-throated gushing song with downward inflection.

Acknowledgment: Slaters Field Guide to Australian Birds.