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Old man of the forest -Dorrigo National Park NSW Australia
Old man of the forest -Dorrigo National Park NSW Australia
As a passionate environmentalist my Facebook news feed is a constant reminder of the madness that is being undertaken in the name of corporate greed. Must the human race descend into anarchy and chaos? Must future generations fight each other for decent food and clean water? Can we not aspire to a sustainable future where respect for other species is born out of common sense, compassion and self-interest?  When a government gets into power on certain agendas it doesn’t mean they then have a mandate to do whatever they like with the environment. Here in Australia the Abbott government seems intent on destroying the UNESCO listed Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania‘s old growth forests in order to appease those with the money and the power to keep them in government. Then there is the sell out of our agricultural land and water to Coal Seam Gas mining .. to name only a few… there must be a better way to govern.
Autumn leaf - Yosemite National Park CA US
Autumn leaf – Yosemite National Park CA US

Does this require a cosmic shift in thinking? Yes. Does the human race need to  redefine its relationship with other species? Absolutely. Might we have to accept a different lifestyle? Quite possibly … but different can be better. The idea that Earth is separate to Humans, and that humans have the right to rape, pillage and plunder for short term economic gain or pleasure (think Shark Cull in WA) is out-dated, short-sighted and incredibly selfish.

Moreover, if we think the human race is the preeminent species, that is even more of a reason to take custodianship seriously, not abandon it altogether. The Earth does not exist in bits, it cannot be sliced and diced. Our backyard does not end at the bottom of our garden or at the horizon line.
Fish - Fiji
Fish – Fiji

Our backyard includes every living thing on the planet: the droplet of water rushing down a mountain stream, a decomposing leaf on a forest floor, tiny fish darting through coral reefs.While ultimately we are affected by what happens globally, what happens in our own nations will be felt quicker, and it behoves us to watch over our immediate backyard with a keen and discerning eye. Forgetting our regional, national and global codependence has consequences for us all. Progress means evolving into a new form, but this can be achieved in a positive way, it does not have to mean the end of hundreds of species and our health.


thoughts on horse meat

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lucySo what’s the big surprise about horse meat in human food? And why are so many people outraged about eating it? Has the lid blown off the fact that those plastic wrapped frozen meals from the supermarket or the burgers the kids ate on Sunday actually (shock horror) contain an intelligent animal capable of loving, feeling, loyalty, recognition, pain and fear? Anyone who has looked into the animal slaughter for human consumption industry knows there are all manner of atrocities at work and mixing up the animals in a batch of food is the least of our worries.

nuggetI have to confess that I find it a tad hypocritical to object on the bases that its horse meat .. I mean a horse is an intelligent animal but so is the cow, the sheep, the pig and the chook (yes numerous studies show how intelligent chooks are) yet people in the West eat them all the time.  Every one of the animals humans eat are proven to be intelligent in their own right, capable of expressing love to their young and tribe, feel pain and suffer deprivation just like humans, and yes they even cry. Yet few are complaining about eating the cow or the little lambs or the pigs … and the latter has been scientifically proven to have the intelligence of a three year old child. Have you spoken to a three year old child lately? pig

Whether we view an animal as a ‘pet’ or ‘food’ really comes down to our cultural conditioning. In the western world horses have been regarded both as a ‘pet’ and a commodity. In the first instance horses have been loved as companions and recognised for their intelligence and loyalty and in the main it is the people who love them, from exposure via books, movies or experience, that object to eating them. In the second instance there are  people who have relentlessly exploited horses by creating a multi-million dollar  horse racing industry where thousands of horses are discarded and sent to slaughter in often appalling circumstances each year … after making them literally ‘run for their life’. Now if we don’t want horses slaughtered in mass numbers this is the industry to protest about.

loveWhat about dogs? Dogs in western society are generally considered companions and ascribed ‘human like traits’ yet in many parts of Asia it is perfectly acceptable for them to be  food. In some parts of India people still regard the cow as a sacred being not dinner. Many Japanese eat whales and dolphins yet many other cultures find this heartbreaking. How we regard a particular animal is really a culturally constructed reality. Eating horse or lamb? Dog or cow? What is the difference? If you choose to see any animal as a commodity and think it’s ok to eat them then it doesn’t make any sense to be fussy about which one. By admitting that one animal is capable of love, fear and pain then logically one must admit that they all are capable of the same and that all bellow with fear and rage when dragged to their slaughter.