patterns and shapes

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textures at play

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A visit to the local botanical garden had me drooling over the textures and colours in the hot houses.


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Glenugie is a small regional area on the mid-north coast of NSW in the Clarence Valley, and though most of it was once logged, and large tracts of land have been cleared for farming, it remains a quiet rural community with tracts of bushland breaking up the farming land. If you don’t know a local you can still find plenty of public dirt roads to wander along by car or foot. Chances are you can walk for an hour surrounded by the quiet hum of the bush without seeing another pedestrian and most likely you can spot a goanna or two. During autumn it epitomises the Australian bush with the roadsides adorned with golden grass stalks and gum saplings in garments of green, red, brown and orange. Often tourists head to Australian beaches, and the coast is only a 20 minute drive from here, but the bush is worthy of exploration and filled with birds and reptiles for the observant wanderer to enjoy, as well as kangaroos, emus and wallabies … and even some wild horses.

autumn leaf

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One of the things I love about Nature are the natural compositions of colour and texture that are thrown up in abundance around us, they can give such pleasure if we stop and notice the beauty. It’s the end of autumn here and some gum leaves are obligingly turning yellow, orange and red…. they don’t make the lovely display like maple trees but if you look carefully you can see a few nestled amoung their silver and green counterparts or lying like this one on a sandy road in a quiet rural area.

natures art

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This beautiful leaf was on the forest floor at Yosemite National Park, CA, USA. I was so grateful that I had caught the tail end of autumn, the colours were brilliant, oranges, yellows, and golds cascading from the trees to the earth. It was a magical visit and I hiked for hours on my own through the wilderness. The pattern on this leaf must have been made by some little creature, it is one of Nature’s works of art.