Joshua Tree National Park CA

Joshua Tree National Park (CA)

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Boulders at Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Boulders at Joshua Tree National Park, CA – these giant boulders looked like the ‘sand’ castles children make by dripping wet sand through their fingers at the beach but this one is considerably larger. You may just be able to see the rock climber up the very top that gives you some idea of the scale.

Joshua tree

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Have been transferring some photos to my current laptop and taking a walk down memory lane. This was taken in Joshua Tree National Park in CA USA a few years ago on a visit there with an old school friend who was then living in LA. The landscape was fascinating, full of these pre-historic looking trees and huge rock structures that looked like a giant child had dripped them together at the sea-shore out of sand. If a dinosaur had sauntered past I wouldn’t even have blinked an eye! It was a wonderful visit and I would love to return some day.