New England National Park (NSW)

a superb bird

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P1150404One of the highlights of a weekend away at a remote location ‘Point Lookout’ in the New England National Park was seeing the male Superb Lyrebird and his female companions scrapping around in the dirt near the residence. The New England National Park, located in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, has spectacular scenery and pristine wilderness including World Heritage rainforests.P1150423 (1)

The Superb Lyrebird is one of the Parks many inhabitants. A great mimic its sounds can be mistaken for any number of birds, animals, or human made noises including chainsaws, telephones and trains. It is a ground dwelling bird, the males growing to 80-100 cms including a long 55 cm tail. When attracting a female the male dances, turning his tail upside down over his back and spreading its delicate fringes over himself like a mantel. It is a beautiful sight to both see and hear.