lizard skin

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Blue-tongue Lizard


feet de resistance

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spotted gum

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Earlier this week I was walking in what we Australians call ‘the bush’, camera in hand I was struck once more with how beautiful the bark / trunks of trees are, what delicious patterns and colours can be found when we stop to notice nature’s art. There are many types of Australian gum trees in the area such as scribbly barks, tallow woods, ironbarks, paper barks and she-oaks and I realise how little I know about the individual species so this is something I am looking to become better acquainted with. The area I was walking in is part of the bio-region NSW North Coast that covers nearly 6 million hectares,¬†¬†basically a bio-region is a group of landscapes that share similarities, climates, geology, soils, vegetation and landforms. I have deliberately left the colour as is rather than enhance it for dramatic effect, the softness is part of its appeal.