sun kissed clouds

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At times I am privy to the most spectacular sunsets here on the north coast of NSW Australia. On this evening there were amazing low clouds doing all sorts of cloud things and when the sun set the whole sky exploded with incredible beauty, or as described by a very excited 6 year old grand-child ‘it’s a strawberry milkshake in the sky!’


simplicity and space

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This capture depicts my favourite things about camping, simplicity and space, and the general consensus that an hour on your back cloud-watching is a legitimate activity. This shot was taken at Dalmeny on the NSW south coast where summer remains in full swing.

There are lots of camping spots in Australia and many are situated in the best locations. Like this campsite they are often small green spaces perched overlooking vast river mouths with swimming beaches stretching in either direction, it’s a great way to travel around in Australia.


into the blue

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The view south towards Coffs Harbour from Look At Me Now Headland, Emerald Beach, part of Moonee Beach Nature Reserve on the far north coast NSW Australia. This is a popular surfing spot and surfers are often accompanied by pods of dolphins.

Mt Coramba

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On Christmas Day evening the family took a walk around Look At Me Now Headland past the kangaroos eating their supper (yes all those little brown blobs are kangaroos) and down for  a play at Serenity Beach. The light was spectacular (I have not enhanced or changed the colour in any way) and this shot is looking south-west from the end of the headland toward Moonee Beach Nature Reserve and Mt Coramba, we call it our very own Mr Fuji because it is often draped in mist or cloud and bears an uncanny resemblance to its famous friend.