the tree sprite

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Went on an outing with my eighty-four year old mother to walk in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and photographed her in front of this old gum … do you see the face peering over her shoulder? With her bit of collected wood as a ‘walking stick’ I thought she looked as if she had wandered out of a secret door in its trunk, they look like two old friends and guardians of the bush. For a bit of fun I gave the photograph the ‘old-fashioned’ look. She loved it and we laughed uproariously as it really epitomises who she is.



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Zara and Maple

This sweet photo of my youngest daughter (one of three girls) holding her youngest daughter (one of three girls) was taken at the Sustainability Fair in Coffs Harbour. The little one was all tuckered out with the excitement of crowds, music, flowers, puppets and stories. So many new things to see, hear and smell she decided it was time for a quick nap in muma’s arms. How can I not love these two beauties.

retro babe

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retro babe

This is a bit different to my usual photos. One of my daughters was visiting from Brisbane and some of the family  went out to lunch at a beach cafe/restaurant called Saltwater Restaurant at Emerald Beach.  Because I had a new camera I was carrying it everywhere and from my seat opposite I was immediately struck by how good her retro hair and  the orange/apricot top looked with the blue/brown retro tiles in the background, and how the reflection of the outside deck gave another dimension, so I snapped a couple of pictures as we were ordering.