fresh water turtle

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buttercups for dinner

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It has been a while since I posted as I have a run of troubles with my internet connection. So HeLLo to my fellow bloggers and from now I hope to be back checking out your great posts. This cheeky Eastern-bearded Dragon has just taken a whole buttercup in his mouth. They are one of his favourite treats.

eastern bearded dragon

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This is a Bearded Dragon (eastern form), they are quite prolific in my area and can often be spotted sun-baking on the grass, or like this one striking a series of sculptured poses that make them look like bits of discarded tree.  I assume the ‘living sculptures’ are an attempt to fool insects or smaller lizards into wandering close enough for a quick grab, though the only thing I saw this fellow eat were the abundant yellow dandelion flowers that dotted the grass before his arrival.