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This elegant snake is the common Australian Green Tree Snake, now that summer is here I have seen a few snakes out and about in the day. This one had taken to either sunbaking on my deck, sliding between the boards to the cool place underneath or draping itself around one of the water bowls put out for native animals, but this time it was sunning itself on the wall beside the side of the house near the clothesline and we both stopped and checked each other out.

Green Tree Snakes are non-venonmous but very fast and agile. They have no fangs and only small teeth and their bite is harmless for humans. They are slim and grow up to 2 metres but usually are around 1.2 m. and like to eat small animals like frogs and small reptiles. I am wondering if this is a female as she will lay between 5-12 eggs and even a nature lover like me might feel a bit daunted if I see a dozen snakes sunbaking on the deck!