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P1190460.jpgI am fortunate to live on the edge of a coastal Nature Reserve with an endlessly long beach walk at my doorstep. The place teams with life and I always find something fascinating to study, like this crab, who unlike his fellow crabs that scuttled away as soon as they felt the vibration of my approach, stood very still in the age old attitude of an emu with its head in the sand. He made a very considerate model.


mangrove crabs

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edward scissorclaw

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One of a teeming hoard of small crabs living in the mangroves at Urunga on the NSW north coast. When the tide is low these little guys (about an inch in body) in a rainbow of colours can be seen scuttling about and ducking up out of a carpet of holes in the mud.

beach crab

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After spending days scuttling around on the edge of what sand was not covered by water during the recent storms, these small crabs have come out in their numbers. They sit in the sun, dig their holes in the sand and dash off when you approach. It is a queer feeling having the sand ‘move’ as you pass by, as it looks like it has a life of its own. Don’t you just love the way the crab’s eyes sit up! All the better to see you with…