Australian pelican

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P1190714There is only one type of pelican in Australia, they are magnificent flyers and pretty smart. These pelicans had worked out that this weir, on the Darling River in mid west New South Wales, at a little town called Wilcannia, made spotting fish easy as they cascaded down the rocks.


demanding young

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wonga pigeon

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P1190381 (1)We have resident Wonga Pigeons who while endearing do test the boundaries of civility with their early morning, daytime and dusk repetitive ‘woo-woo-woo’. They are a large slate grey pigeon with a white forehead and black spots on the flank. Quite common on the lower east coast of Australia.

rain dancers

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p1130836The Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo is a cheeky character. This male (sex identified by the hot pink eye ring) is feasting on the flower buds of the banksia tree, a tree native to where I live. Behind it is a she-oak, another native tree the cockatoos fancy. Cockatoos tend to stick together, their loud cawking sounds pre-empting their arrival, and their arrival pre-empting rain.