Coffs Harbour

rain dancers

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p1130836The Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo is a cheeky character. This male (sex identified by the hot pink eye ring) is feasting on the flower buds of the banksia tree, a tree native to where I live. Behind it is a she-oak, another native tree the cockatoos fancy. Cockatoos tend to stick together, their loud cawking sounds pre-empting their arrival, and their arrival pre-empting rain. 


little black cormorant

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The Little Black Cormorant is around 60-65cm and mainly found in fresh water and estuarine environments throughout mainland Australia and island Tasmania. This one was spotted at North Coast Regional Botanical Gardens in Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW, at the fresh water ‘Japanese’ lake.


Bib and Bob aka Pacific Ducks

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So I’m back in the Hood but of course WordPress has changed the setup/layout in my absence! These first forays back will see me finding my feet again! Arn’t these little ducks cute, they seemed a very devoted pair when spotted in a botanical garden. 

pacific black duck

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North Coast Regional Botanic Garden in Coffs Harbour, NSW, is a lovely place for a walk. It offers changing tree-scapes, native bushland, mangrove creek walks, international flora and formal gardens, sensory garden…. to name a few. The Japanese lake attracts a wide variety of native birds including the common but delightful Pacific Black Duck.


blue boy

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This adult male Satin Bowerbird  is a handsome blue-black with a violet eye and greenish-yellow bill. Clearly taken by blue he has amassed an assortment of blue objects to decorate his bower in the hope of attracting a female. The older males try to keep the females to themselves by smashing the nests of the younger males with their still green feathers and stealing their blue ornaments for themselves. I wonder if that’s where the expression ‘still green’ comes from, a reference to the as yet uninitiated or experienced bowerbird.