long-tailed parrots

Australian ringneck

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Another parrot spotted at Wilcannia, NSW. These are long-tailed green parrots with a yellow ring on the neck. This particular variety is called Mallee, different varieties having slightly different body colours but all with the distinct yellow hind-neck. They moved very quickly having a bath under the sprinkle but as it’s the only photo I have adding it to my log.


Australian king-parrots

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The Australian King Parrot is found along most of the eastern coast of Australia. P1160001The parrots favour rainforests, eucalypt woodlands and orchards but this pair enjoyed feasting on a wild tobacco plant that grows on the edge of Moonee Beach Nature Reserve on the Coffs Coast in New South Wales. The female has a green head and back (though coloured underneath) and the male has the red head and breast. They have nice long tails and sit around the 43 cm mark when fully grown.