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the native

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web spinner

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Came across this little fellow spinning a web large web across a bush road, fortunately it’s little used and I saw the thread stretching across the road as I was walking the dogs. He had a few butterflies and little insects captured and seemed very well feed – complements of his industrious building project.

a wallaby tail

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The wallabies have a different body shape to the kangaroos, they are smaller, rounder (little bit like an overweight dog) and considerably shorter with wider ears, a much coarser looking coat and of course a very long tail. Because they are shorter than kangaroos the tails can be as long as the wallaby is tall as you can see in the photo above.

red wallaby

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Living amoung the groups of eastern-grey kangaroos at Look At Me Now Headland are more solitary red wallabies, smaller in statue as the name suggests they have a reddish tinge to their coat and little black ‘mittens’.