wonga pigeon

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P1190381 (1)We have resident Wonga Pigeons who while endearing do test the boundaries of civility with their early morning, daytime and dusk repetitive ‘woo-woo-woo’. They are a large slate grey pigeon with a white forehead and black spots on the flank. Quite common on the lower east coast of Australia.

pair of rosellas

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Eastern Rosellas are one of the prettiest small parrots where I live and this pair was one of three that were feeding on the eucalyptus gum outside my friends home on the far north coast of NSW Australia.

eastern rosella

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This cheeky Eastern Rosella was performing for the camera, giving a lovely view of its colourful under feathers.

bar-shouldered doves

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Bar-shouldered Doves are around 27-29cm. They are common in thick vegetation close to water and this pair was in scrub near a fresh water stream that ended in a tidal lake on a beach.