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Sydney’s pied currawong

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The currawongs are amoung my favourite birds, this yellow eyed beauty was enjoying his perch in a she-oak whose branches overlooked one of the numerous small bays that fringe Sydney Harbour, one of the most spectacular harbours in the world.

The view from the currawong's tree includes a distant view of the city of Sydney.
The view from the currawong’s tree includes a distant view of the city of Sydney.

The Pied Currawong is a common nomad in Australia’s east. They breed in isolation but will join flocks of up to 100 in winter, though I have never seen such a sight. To see them en masse sounds a bit too much like being inside Hitchcock’s movie the Birds! The currawongs have a strong, loud gong-like call that I find melodious, interspersed with whistling ‘oo-oooooo’.


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On holidays on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia. Captured this sawfish lying on the top of an underwater walkway at Underwater World Sea Life Mooloolaba. Sawfish eat crustaceans, molluscs and fish and grow up to 310 cm long. They live in coastal and estuarine areas of tropical Australia and are currently classed as critically endangered.


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Another shot of the pipit playing hide and seek with me at the top of coastal headland with the Pacific Ocean in the background.