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mountain view

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The Border Ranges National Park on the far north coast of NSW Australia is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage area that protects untouched rainforest and unique plants. As the name implies it lies on the border between NSW and QLD.


Palm Tree Valley

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palm tree valley minyon falls nightcap

This place is actually called Palm Tree Valley and the photo was taken looking down from one side of a very tall waterfall called Minyon Falls. Its part of the Nightcap National Park one of the many National Parks on the NSW far north coast in Australia which is filled with wonderful walks through gumtrees on the top ridges and rainforest walks in the valleys. You can catch a glimpse of a water course running through its midst.


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This bird is one of the Honeyeaters, its long beak perfect for feeding on flowers. I’d say it belongs to the group of large honeyeaters, the  Wattlebirds as its the right size and has the distinct markings on its breast which will be move evident in other photos I plan to post. I like this one though as it shows the curve of its beak and the body shape makes a nice composition. The photo was taken on the edge of a coastal nature reserve north of Coffs Harbour on the NSW coast called Moonee Beach Nature Reserve, a protected area for kangaroos, birds and other wildlife.

Mt Coramba

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On Christmas Day evening the family took a walk around Look At Me Now Headland past the kangaroos eating their supper (yes all those little brown blobs are kangaroos) and down for  a play at Serenity Beach. The light was spectacular (I have not enhanced or changed the colour in any way) and this shot is looking south-west from the end of the headland toward Moonee Beach Nature Reserve and Mt Coramba, we call it our very own Mr Fuji because it is often draped in mist or cloud and bears an uncanny resemblance to its famous friend.